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Workin’ On The 5 Rs

Hello Everyone!  I’m Back!

As Nurse Susan told you, my focus for the weeks ahead are the five R’s: Relax, Recuperate, Recover, Refresh, and Rebound.  I am happy to report that since arriving home from the hospital last Sunday, I have completed R #1 (Relax), I am fully engaged in R #2 (Recuperate), and I have launched R #3 (Recover).  Not to put too fine a point on it, but I sort of think that R’s 4 and 5 are starting to kick in as well.  Lucky for me this is not necessarily a sequential process.

The week’s highlights:

  • Started walking on Monday (2/10 of a mile).
  • Have been walking every day this week.  I am up to longer walks of 1.25 miles.
  • Coughing (not uncommon after a lobectomy) is decreasing; today was a fairly quiet one (if you’ll pardon the expression).
  • We are cheering on the A’s and the Giants.  A Bay Bridge series would be really cool.
  • My sister-in-law (aka Nurse Stephanie) asked me today how I was feeling.  My response?  Peachy!

The plan for the week is REPEAT week one.  (Get it?  Another “R”…ha! ha!).

As always, THANK YOU!  For the support, the prayers, and the good tidings.

Nurse Susan and her patient.
The Rez 10-7-12