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The Week That Was

Hi all, Nurse Susan here.  As MM’s “full service” nurse (DO NOT even go there!), I have added blog updates to my service portfolio.  This time around, you will get the latest news from my perspective.

Our number one patient and amazing responder to this cancer journey started his “insurance” chemo last Monday.  He (we, actually) viewed the impending three days of chemo as a no-brainer, a walk-in-the-park, a small inconvenience.  Michael rallied so well during the July/August sessions (SIX days!) that we thought all he had to do was roll up his sleeves (figuratively … but literally as well), get focused, and tough it out.  No big D, right?  Wrong!  Simply put dear friends, our boy got his butt kicked.

Michael had three days of chemo.  By Thursday morning, it was clear that food & water would be significant challenges.  As a result, he  required three days of hydration sessions — the Kaiser team pumped our guy full of nausea meds and water (5 liters over 3 days).  Our boy had a very rough week.

Today, however, there is good news. This morning (Sunday) Michael turned a corner and had his biggest meal in a week: a small bowl of  honey-nut cherrios.  That was followed by day 3 of 5 receiving a booster shot to increase white blood cells and the immune system, and THAT was followed by a slow, but steady short walk at the Lafayette Reservoir in the beautiful autumn sunshine.  Our boy is back.

The next two to three weeks will be spent hydrating, hydrating, hydrating (in the words of the Nutritionist, Joey), as well as getting strength back in mind, body, and soul. We are thankful for our medical team. We are thankful for Michael’s ability to bounce back. And, we are VERY thankful for your continued friendship and support.

We hope you enjoy a very Happy Thanksgiving. And, we hope you feel blessed as you recall, and savor, the people and events in your life that spark your interest, bring you joy, feed your soul, and surround you with love.  That’s what we are going to do.

Michael will catch up with you later in the month.

Love to all,
— Nurse Susan