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Oh, now you tell me!

Nurse Susan and I met with my oncologist on Tuesday, 11/27, and we asked him why the last chemo cycle (3 days) was SO HARD compared to the previous two (6 days each) that I tolerated so well. We figured fewer days meant fewer side effects. Not so (as we now know only too well).  It turns out that with concurrent radiation, my chemo drugs (cisplatin, aka “Mr. Nasty” and etoposide) are administered over a longer window of time.  On their own, the full punch is packed into 3 days.  Oh.  Moving on to question 2 then: what the hell can we do about the negative impact????!!!!  More meds! I have been taking meds for a week to prepare my body for the next onslaught of toxic chemicals on Monday, 12/3. Hopefully, these medical jewels will work wonders and I can sail right thru it — then, Nurse Susan and I can be on our way in life.

A side note here:  This month we had to wish our cat, Jeff, a good journey as he headed off to become an angel cat. We lost him much too early, but we sure enjoyed the last 8 years with this guy.  He greeted us at the door. He responded to a whistle. He left his toys as gifts at our bedroom door. We will miss him.

Have a fun week everyone, and thanks once again (and again) for your kind thoughts, prayers and support.