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Brain Work

Last Monday morning, prior to starting chemo cycle 2, I had to have an MRI of my brain.  Whoa!  Are you kidding me?  Not kidding. Apparently, in some cases, lung cancer will metastasize to the brain.  After spending 2 days on pins and needles, I am happy to report there is no lung cancer in my gray matter. Whew! What a bummer that would be!

Nurse Susan attended a women’s health conference on Saturday and brought back a timely joke. It seems after having an MRI, a guy learned he needed to have a brain transplant.  The doctor told the poor guy he just happened to have 2 brains available. One was from a man and it would cost $100,000 for the brain and the surgical procedure. The other brain was from a woman and the cost would only be $10,000 for everything. Of course the guy was puzzled by the huge difference in cost.  “Why does the woman’s brain cost so much less than the man’s?”  he asked.  His doctor replied, “Oh, it’s because the woman’s brain is used.”

Tomorrow, Monday August 20,  is my last day of  chemo.  Tuesday is my last day of radiation treatment. It can’t end soon enough!

Have a great week everybody and thanks again for your support.

Stay Tuned…More To Come

A religious man discovers that he has lung cancer, and decides to pray for a miracle.
The next day he visits a surgeon, who tells him he must have surgery immediately.
He tells the doctor “I do not want you to remove my lung, I am praying for a miracle from God”. Then he visits a radiologist, who tells him that he must begin radiation therapy immediately.He tells the doctor “I do not want you to expose my body to radiation, I am putting my faith in God.”Finally he visits an oncologist, who tells him that he must start chemotherapy immediately.He tells the doctor “I do not want you to inject me with caustic chemicals, God will heal me.” A few months later he dies and goes to heaven, where he is very upset and asks God why he didn’t give him a miracle. God replies “I gave you three miracles, a surgeon, an oncologist and a radiologist, but you chose to ignore them.”