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Cut It Out

It’s hard to believe, but it has been 34 days since my last chemo/radiation treatment (not that I’m counting). The past several weeks have been a nice break from the treatment grind. Nurse Susan and I spent a fun 2 days in Tahoe with the family last weekend, and then a very relaxing 2 days at the Ventana Inn in Big Sur this week. Perfect weather in both locales provided a “late summer groovy” ambiance to the week.

McWay Falls – Big Sur 9-21-12

Last Monday, (9/17) I had a CT Scan. Good news! The tumor and lymph nodes have shrunk considerably. My surgeon says the Scan “looked great” and it was “a wonderful response” to treatment. This is REALLY good news because the affected lymph nodes and the tumor need to go. We have discussed the worst-case possibility of a cancerous lymph node being fused to a blood vessel feeding the lower lobe of the left lung — in that case, the recommended scenario is removal of the entire left lung.  We are counting on a continued good response and the likely outcome that only the upper lobe of my left lung will be removed. This is The Plan and we are sticking to it! So on Tuesday 9/25 this nastiness will be cut out of me for good.

I can expect to be hospitalized for 5 or 6 days. Nurse Susan will send an update to let you know how I’m doing.

Your insurance only allots you 90 minutes for this surgery. Anything over that is $250 an hour, on the spot.

Have a fun week and as always thanks so much for your thoughts, prayers and support.  I’ll catch ya on the flip side!