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Mike is Back. Really, Really (mostly) Back!

Hello friends, Nurse Susan here.  I commandeered the opening paragraph to give you a subjective-objective view of Michael’s progress and current status.  Michael is back.  I know this because this evening as I sipped a glass of chardonnay from a hot bath, Michael was preparing a much-anticipated dinner of steaks, french oven-fried potatoes, and green salad.  Smooth Jazz from Brian Culbertson is wending its way through the house.  A lovely 2005 A. Rafanelli cab is on stand-by.  We haven’t seen an evening like this since before June 2012.  Dear friends and family, the guy we all know as Michael, Mike, Mikey, Uncle Michael, The Mikester, or Mason is back.

Hey everyone, Mike here.  Nurse Susan is right, I’m in the kitchen again and it feels good.  I’m still drinking Gatorade instead of martinis, but you can’t have everything immediately, right?  My walking improves every day.  I clocked 279 miles from July 1 to January 1 (while undergoing chemo, radiation, surgery, and more chemo).  Last week, Nurse Susan and I did the Lafayette Reservoir (first time in many months), and today I did a 3 miler in the neighborhood.  Get ready hiking group (you know who you are!).  I’m thinking Yosemite, Glacier Point, the 11 mile hike down to the floor in September.  Who’s in?

As for my status, I’m great.  I feel good.  The docs view me as cancer-free.  There are no appointments until an April cat scan.  I’m at recess and it feels REALLY, REALLY GOOD!  Plus, the Niners are looking pretty darn good so what’s not to like?

A final note from Mike and his Nurse Susan sidekick:
Thank you. Simple words to be sure, but heartfelt. Thank you for the cards, and the calls, and the visits.  Thank you for the soup and the cookies (yep, BIG thanks for the cookies!). Thank you for the hand-holding. Thank you for the texts and the comments on this blog.  Thank you for the prayer groups, the encouragement, the suggestions, and the good wishes.  Thank you for the hugs and the jokes (love ’em).  But above all, thank you for thinking of us.  We love and appreciate each one of you.

Wishing you — and us — a new year full of love, inspiration, joy, friendship, adventure, peace, and happiness.