Mike's Lung Cancer Chronicle

Still Cruzin’ & Cancer Is Loozin’

My nurse Susan says I am a project so here’s my status for the week. 

  • I am at the half-way point on my radiation therapy — 13 treatments down and only 12 to go.
  • Attended a cancer treatment nutrition class where we discovered I was pretty much eating right. Thanks to my nurse, Susan.
  • Received an Emergency Clown Nose from a friend. Thanks Liz!  If ya can’t get rid of those pesky noses hairs just cover’em up. My brother’s suggestion of a booger bucket notwithstanding, of course.  Thanks Tim!

Clowning Around

  • Went to  a cancer support group meeting. What the heck. I thought I would give it a whirl!
  • Read a really funny (sometimes serious) book by Robert Schimmel: Cancer On $5 A Day – Chemo Not Included 
  • Gained back 3 pounds, after a loss of about 8.
  • Finally got the CatScan I was looking for. Thanks Fred and Marion!


Have a fun week everybody and thanks so much for your prayers and support.


  tom of glasgow wrote @

Hey Mike…i knew you’d be winnin…you got everything goin’ for ya…i just realized now you kind of resemble Rudolph!! 😉

  Joanne Hayner wrote @

XXO Mr. Mason

  Al H wrote @

Hey Mike

Nothing like a prominent proboscis, I always say. Actually I’ve never said that before but I like the way it sounds. You’re halfway through the chemo already? Hang in there buddy. You’re always in our thoughts.

  Cynde Ellis wrote @

You are such an inspiration!!!!! Glad to hear you are gaining back some weight and I just Love the nose!!!! You are half way home and sounds like you are doing all the right things. I know you are going to beat this!!!! Take care my friend and I look forward to your next update.

  Carole H wrote @

Love your new nose, your sense of humor and great attitude. Keep up the good work and compliments to Nurse Susan for doing such a great job.

  Sandy wrote @

BEST Cat Scan I’ve ever seen!!! Big hug to your nurse…and…
Keep on Cruzin’ m’friend!! -s

  Jan wrote @

Hey Mike!

Glad to hear the good news! Love your red nose — I would never say that it suits you, but it does. You are continually in our thoughts and prayers!

Hugs, Jan and Jim

  jenn wrote @

Oh yeah! Cruzin is better then taking a bruzin….big hugs to you, uncle michael…heading home to do some snoozin ;*)

  mavis wall wrote @

This is soooo Bizarro World! We’re suppose to be cheering YOU up but it’s the opposite! You’re the one doing the cheering (making me smile). Although it’s a close finish, the Clown Nose wins the gold with the Cat Scan winning a silver and bugger bucket a bronze.

Think of you every day!

  mavis wall wrote @

PS Just heard on the radio yesterday (there was a study) that people who laugh at the same stuff tend to think along the same line or have a lot in common.

Makes sense but not sure we needed a study to prove it 🙂

  John Tuttle wrote @

Half done is an important milestone – you’re on the downhill slope now! The second half will go more quickly. Your confident attitude is taking you far. We’re looking forward to your next posting. Not a day goes by that we don’t think the best thoughts about you!

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