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Last Monday morning, prior to starting chemo cycle 2, I had to have an MRI of my brain.  Whoa!  Are you kidding me?  Not kidding. Apparently, in some cases, lung cancer will metastasize to the brain.  After spending 2 days on pins and needles, I am happy to report there is no lung cancer in my gray matter. Whew! What a bummer that would be!

Nurse Susan attended a women’s health conference on Saturday and brought back a timely joke. It seems after having an MRI, a guy learned he needed to have a brain transplant.  The doctor told the poor guy he just happened to have 2 brains available. One was from a man and it would cost $100,000 for the brain and the surgical procedure. The other brain was from a woman and the cost would only be $10,000 for everything. Of course the guy was puzzled by the huge difference in cost.  “Why does the woman’s brain cost so much less than the man’s?”  he asked.  His doctor replied, “Oh, it’s because the woman’s brain is used.”

Tomorrow, Monday August 20,  is my last day of  chemo.  Tuesday is my last day of radiation treatment. It can’t end soon enough!

Have a great week everybody and thanks again for your support.


  Ray W wrote @

Good Work Mike!!! As usual, your performance evaluation for this period is “FAR EXCEEDS”… Keep it up! The Boss… (uh, your other Boss).

  Margie wrote @

Wow, how time flies when you are having fun… I am so glad that you are reaching the next big milestone (end of the treatments For Now). Yes, no doubt there are cancer-free terrorists in the health care system who believe that more is better!?! I just ipod-ed an interview with a woman who chose less vs. more when faced with cancer, and she is still around some years later to be interviewed!?! I don’t feel completely supportive of her choice, but … it was interesting that there are so many choices along the way. Hugs, Margie

  Bridget Cerny wrote @

Phew Michael! That’s good news. Love the joke! So glad to hear the treatment is coming to an end. When are you off to Hawaii?!!

  Bill Vencill wrote @

Hi Mikey:

Great news! Unfortunately, you continue to neglect to keep up apprised of the nose hair situation. Inquiring minds (or at least those with little external stimulation) want to know.

  LaRae Pearson wrote @

That’s great news, MIke. And, you know, the funniest jokes are usually true. Good one, Susan.

  tom of glasgow wrote @

Wow Mike, the light at the end of the tunnel couldn’t be brighter!! I bet Hawaii is looking better and better all of the time.

Keep up the good battle!!

  Doug wrote @

Happy anniversary to a wonderful couple! You are just knocking off one milestone after another, Michael! Congrats on having a clean brain! Had a good laugh at the brain joke…thanks! Have a super week!

  Carole H wrote @

Thanks for the updates and keep your good attitude. Sending lots of hugs and positive energy.

  Wayne Ritchie wrote @

OUTSTANDING! You’re certainly showing us how to succeed at this racket. I’m afraid both your and Nurse Susan’s brains would fetch the lower price; they’re clearly BOTH in constant use. But…isn’t there a higher rate applicable for Premium-grade Used Cerebra?

  Cynde Ellis wrote @

Great Joke!!! But glad to hear your brain is just fine. I am so glad you are near the end of the radiation and chemo. You seem to be fairing well. Keep up the great work and you will beat this for sure and will be off to Hawaii in no time. You are always in my prayers my friend.

  Al H wrote @

Hey Michael–Women and their sexist jokes. Well, you can tell Susan that I used my brain just last week……or was it the week before. Anyway, your report is all good news. Hope we can get together soon for a visit.

  Jan wrote @

Hey Mike! Fabulous news. It is sooo hard to wait for results. Glad your scan was clear — but really, the joke is hardly a joke — too true! HA HA. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Have Tuesday marked on our calendar as the BIG day. ; – ) Hugs, Jan

  Sheri-Lee Russell wrote @

Hey congrats on being done! I thought you’d like to know that the Giants are having a Mason’s night. I think you guys should go after all you are Masons lol

  Al Ladhams wrote @

Hi Michael,

So glad to see that you are making such wonderful progress. You can’t keep a good man down – and you are a very good man! I know that all will be well. Stay strong. My love and thoughts are with you.

All the very best, Al

  Mary Jo wrote @

Just know that I love you and think about you every day. I just love hearing about your journey so I can walk with you. It’s going to be OKAY!!

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