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Cut It Out

It’s hard to believe, but it has been 34 days since my last chemo/radiation treatment (not that I’m counting). The past several weeks have been a nice break from the treatment grind. Nurse Susan and I spent a fun 2 days in Tahoe with the family last weekend, and then a very relaxing 2 days at the Ventana Inn in Big Sur this week. Perfect weather in both locales provided a “late summer groovy” ambiance to the week.

McWay Falls – Big Sur 9-21-12

Last Monday, (9/17) I had a CT Scan. Good news! The tumor and lymph nodes have shrunk considerably. My surgeon says the Scan “looked great” and it was “a wonderful response” to treatment. This is REALLY good news because the affected lymph nodes and the tumor need to go. We have discussed the worst-case possibility of a cancerous lymph node being fused to a blood vessel feeding the lower lobe of the left lung — in that case, the recommended scenario is removal of the entire left lung.  We are counting on a continued good response and the likely outcome that only the upper lobe of my left lung will be removed. This is The Plan and we are sticking to it! So on Tuesday 9/25 this nastiness will be cut out of me for good.

I can expect to be hospitalized for 5 or 6 days. Nurse Susan will send an update to let you know how I’m doing.

Your insurance only allots you 90 minutes for this surgery. Anything over that is $250 an hour, on the spot.

Have a fun week and as always thanks so much for your thoughts, prayers and support.  I’ll catch ya on the flip side!



  Ray W wrote @

Mike, wishing you the best and will be thinking of you… have a speedy recovery…

  Bill wrote @

Hang in there big guy. We’ll be seeing you on the trail before you know it.

  John Tuttle wrote @

I doubt that few patients are as healthy, mentally fit and resilient as you, so I predict you’ll do fine! We look forward to hearing the reports!

  Doug wrote @

We will be rooting for you!! Glad to hear you had a nice time in Tahoe and Big Sur…great pic!

  Bridget Cerny wrote @

Michael … and nurse Susan. Wishing you the very best for your surgery. So glad that things have gone well so far. Will be thinking of you on Tuesday. Much love

  Janice Worrall wrote @

Sending love to both of you…sounds like the “stinkin shrinkin” meds have cleared the way for the “let’s be done with this surgery!” Thinking of you now and then again and again…love Janice

  tom of glasgow wrote @

Mike, Great news!! I expected nothing less. I am looking forward to seeing you soon at the luncheons and around town after a speedy recovery.

You’ll both be in our thoughts and prayers this week.

  Mary Jo wrote @

As usual, you and Nurse Susan are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep smiling and know that you are greatly LOVED!!

  Cyndi wrote @

I heard from Sandy that you are going through all of this. So I’m thinking of you in Paris and hope surgery goes all well. On another note, thanks for letting me (via Sandy, I think) know about the corrupted message that my computer was sending out a while back. I think that’s fixed now, thanks to you1
Glad you had time in Big Sur. I love that inn. After your recovery, a trip to Paris is in your future. Best to you and Susan,

  Arturo wrote @

Mike & Suzie… We’re sending our good thoughts from overseas and are looking forward to Mike’s full recovery.

  Cathy Carter wrote @

Hi Michael and Susan,

So glad you both had a relaxing weekend with family. Sending prayers, blessings, and love for a successful surgery and full recovery. I know Nurse Susan is doing a wonderful job.

Take care…Cathy

  Ray Zenoni wrote @

Great News! I am really happy to hear this. You will be in my thoughts.

  Jan wrote @

Hey Mike and Nursie Suz!

So happy to hear that all systems are go and that the nastiness will soon be gone! You are in our daily thoughts and prayers and we are ramping up for bigger ones tomorrow.

The Ventana is one of my favs and Tahoe is always great!!! Glad you had the time, energy and desire to go. Relaxing is the best way to continue your progress!

Big Hugs, Love Jan & JIm

  Margie Farber wrote @

You and Susan are my role models for how the gift of life is cherished. You have a good time, even in surgery (good drugs), and get up and walk the first hour or so afterward – because of the hurt-less-later thing. You are my heroes. xo.

  Sandy wrote @

Mike: Ventana & Big Sur–such perfect places to take in everything strong and positive for the final winning lap of eradicating the nastiness totally and finally. Rest, read, and I’ll look forward to visiting you when/if you’re wanting visitors…or getting together later to celebrate your victory. My love and best wishes to you and Susan. (and Jeff & Libby). -s

  Patt Mikkelsen wrote @

Aloha Michael~~
If you can take in your own music, do so. Maybe Bruddah Iz would be soothing to the surgeon and to you. My thoughts are with you and Susan. I see rainbows in your future!!

Love you lots,

  Cynde Ellis wrote @

Mike, My thoughts and prayers are with you and Susan today and always. So glad we had an opportunity to talk last week and I know you are going to come through this surgery with flying colors. Just remember to watch out for that surgical tape!!! Bless you both.

  tom of glasgow wrote @

Great news on the surgery!!! You came through it with flying colors of course!! Thanks for the update Susan so quickly. We are so glad all went well and we are looking for a recovery just as successful.

All the best…

  Cynde Ellis wrote @

WAHOO!!!!!! I knew you would do wonderfully!!! So happly to hear that they didn’t have to take the whole lung. Thank you to Nurse Susan for the great update. Now on to the full recovery. Glad to hear you are up and walking. Those first few days are the toughest. But with your great attitude they won’t be able to keep up with you soon enough, even dragging the equipment behind you. Take care my friend and I look forward to your next update. You and Susan are always in my thoughts and prayers.

  Ray Zenoni wrote @

Fantastic news about your successful surgery! Sounds like you have a great medical team. Can’t believe you were already up and walking around. You will be in our thoughts on your road to recovery.

  Hiedi wrote @

Hello Michael! Here’s to you xoxo! And a speedy recovery!! C u soon neighbor!

  Fred Edamura wrote @

Great news. We will continue to pray for a speedy and complete recovery!

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