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The “Young and Healthy” Plan (ha, ha)

It turns out that the lymph nodes in and/or around my left lung are positive for cancer.  Not so great.  But, my doctors (aka a growing medical team) label me “young and in good health.”  Therefore, I am a candidate for the whole kit and kaboodle: chemo, radiation, and surgery.  As surgery can zap your strength and immune system, the approach in this case will be to first hit the cancer with a 1-2 punch of concurrent chemo and radiation treatment (6 weeks), followed up 4 to 6 weeks later with surgery to remove a lobe in my left lung.  I am told that because I am “young and healthy” I can expect to recover well from the surgery.

Up Next: A visit with the Radiation Oncologist.



  Bridget Cerny wrote @

You are definitely young, healthy and (may I add) good lookin’

  Wayne Ritchie wrote @

I have several friends who are neither as Young nor (seemingly) as Healthy as I deem you who’ve come thru such “cocktail”/smorgasbord treatments with flying colors and well on their way to resuming normal, active lives. My money is on you to do likewise.

  Mary Jo wrote @

Well, you certainly are the center of attention! It’s good to have a “team” to rah rah you on. Me too!!

  John Tuttle wrote @

It’s so hot, the trees are fighting over the dog.

  Sandy wrote @

Welll, looks like yet another marathon you’ll be running…this time one you didn’t choose for yourself. But your track record says that you’ll not only compete, you’ll win. So I’m just one of soo so many who’re behind you all the way, Mike. Thanks again for taking care of those of us who love you with information ahead of our asking… ~Much Love, Sandy

  Tom of Glasgow wrote @

Thoughts and intentions have been seeded in the cosmos waiting to take root. May they grow and guide you through this next marathon…

  mavis wall wrote @

That is disappointing news but the fact that the doctors are optimistic IS optimistic.

Doctor, Doctor will this ointment clear up my spots?
I never make rash promises!

Prayers are their way. Think of you and Susan often.

  Jiwon wrote @

Hey Mr. Mason,

I’ve been following your posts and with your ‘attitude’, you will beat these bad boys out of your system!! btw, which facility are you being treated at?

  Bill Roberts wrote @

Higgs Boson goes into a Catholic church.
The priest says, “You’re not welcome here.”
Higgs Boson says “You can’t have mass without me.”

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