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Workin’ On The 5 Rs

Hello Everyone!  I’m Back!

As Nurse Susan told you, my focus for the weeks ahead are the five R’s: Relax, Recuperate, Recover, Refresh, and Rebound.  I am happy to report that since arriving home from the hospital last Sunday, I have completed R #1 (Relax), I am fully engaged in R #2 (Recuperate), and I have launched R #3 (Recover).  Not to put too fine a point on it, but I sort of think that R’s 4 and 5 are starting to kick in as well.  Lucky for me this is not necessarily a sequential process.

The week’s highlights:

  • Started walking on Monday (2/10 of a mile).
  • Have been walking every day this week.  I am up to longer walks of 1.25 miles.
  • Coughing (not uncommon after a lobectomy) is decreasing; today was a fairly quiet one (if you’ll pardon the expression).
  • We are cheering on the A’s and the Giants.  A Bay Bridge series would be really cool.
  • My sister-in-law (aka Nurse Stephanie) asked me today how I was feeling.  My response?  Peachy!

The plan for the week is REPEAT week one.  (Get it?  Another “R”…ha! ha!).

As always, THANK YOU!  For the support, the prayers, and the good tidings.

Nurse Susan and her patient.
The Rez 10-7-12


  Sandy wrote @

Michael, you are incredible!!! Such an inspiration! I cannot even fathom what it must be like going thru all you did and do–and to climb out of a hospital bed onto the Rez pathways…c’mon!!! WOW! I know, tho, that in all you do, you have all of us who love you walking behind you, cheering you on w/our belief in you.

  Janice Worrall wrote @

Hi Michael,
The GREAT news just keeps coming…your update Reinforced what I already knew…you are THE MAN!
Sorry I couldn’t visit with Linda and G but next time I’ll want to come see all these R’s at work for myself…love to you and Susan. Janice

  Bridget Cerny wrote @

Great to see you back! Well done on the walking. I don’t think Milan is walking that far! He’s waiting to hear about HIS two R’s (roto rooter)! Take care!

  Mary Jo wrote @

Oh I just love the picture! YOu look hale and hearty! Keep up the GOOD work! Love you lots!!

  Ray W wrote @

Hi Mike,
Sounds like you are doing way better on the 5 R’s than the 3 R’s (reading, riting and rithmetic….) lol… Happy that you are doing well… Keep it up!!!

  tom of glasgow wrote @

Mike, your sounding and looking great, and…oh yea ‘peachy’ too. So glad your back and gliding into those 5 R’s so smoothly. Hope to see you around and at one of the lunches soon!! Here’s to a great and quick recovery!!

  John Tuttle wrote @

The proof is in the pudding. I want to see that scorecard! So glad you’re back; let’s take a walk soon!

  Wayne Ritchie wrote @

Remarkable! Your Resilience is a Relief and Revives our Rejoicing!!

  Bill wrote @

Hi Mike: Timely report. I’m glad you’re doing so well. Sophie and I are standing by for our next Briones adventure. Looking forward to seeing you on the trail.

  Al H wrote @

Congratulations on your great successes. We are so proud of you, your spirit and Nurse Susan. We keep you in our thoughts and prayers and continue to send positive energy your way.
Carole & Al

  Jan wrote @

Hey Peachy! WOW!!! Wonderful, Wild, Witty and Wery, Wery Good News!!! We are rooting for you as you approach 3rd base! We are thrilled to hear all the good news. Here’s toast to keeping your spirits up as you have done so beautifully thru all of these tough trials!

(Do you remember peachy-keen? Want to hear that next time!)

Miss seeing you!

Hugs, Jan & Jim

  Ray Zenoni wrote @

Wow this is fantastic progress and you are pretty amazing! You are making me feel guilty for not getting down to Hidden Lakes lately. Hope to see ya soon.

  Margie Farber wrote @

I am becoming concerned. You are looking really good, and sounding really good, and what if you fall in priority to a healthy person? I recommend you walk lopsided, get a tshirt with ribbons, and/or do the tattoo thing again only this time make up a country music song on the left lung theme. It is sooo good to feel the good vibes coming thru the computer. Hugs.

  Joanne Hayner wrote @

Thumbs up Mr. Mason. xxo

  Al H wrote @

Hey Mike–Looking good. Sounds like everything is going according to plan and thank goodness the weather is hanging in there to make your workouts a little more pleasant. Threre is a retired doctor who I often run into when I’m walking around Spring Lake. He always has a riddle for me. This week’s riddle–“What did the fish say when he ran into a wall?”
I’ll give you the answer tomorrow.

  Al H wrote @

I know you were up all night trying toi figure it out. “What did the fish say when he ran into a wall?” “Dam”

  Sheri Russell wrote @

Nice Hat !!!! Yes The Giants won woo hoo 11

  mavis wall wrote @

Peachy! There is nothing more to say. Mike is back!

  Cathy Carter wrote @

Michael, glad you are well on your way to feeling better. Keep up the 5 R’s and great picture!

  Imogen wrote @

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