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Good News And Bad News

I had follow-up appointments this week with my surgeon and oncologist. The doctors tell me they see no evidence of cancer (GOOD!). I responded extremely well to the triple whammy: chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery (REALLY GOOD!). The post-surgery pathology report showed that the tumor had shrunk significantly and 90% of the cancer cells in the tumor and the 3 cancerous lymph nodes were dead (ALL GOOD!).

However, both doctors suggest I have 2 more rounds of chemotherapy just to be sure that any microscopic cancer cells that may be lurking in my body are destroyed. They pointed out that no data is available showing more chemotherapy would result in a better longevity outcome, plus I am considered “cancer free,” so an argument can be  made for not having any more chemo. On the other hand, since I “tolerate chemotherapy so well,” I should consider it. I guess then that the good news is I tolerate chemo well, and the bad news is that I tolerate chemo well. Hahahahaha!

So…on Monday, November 5 I will start the first of two chemo cycles. I will have infusions for 3 consecutive  days ( 4 hours each day), followed by 25 “non” infusion days. Then, I do the same cycle again.  Then, stick a fork in me – I’m really done!  Yay!!!

Okay, Williams, we’ll vote . . . how many here say the heart has four chambers?


  Al H wrote @

Hey Mike–To me that ALL sounds like good news. Your check-up appointments went well and now they are just tacking on a little insurance policy. I know it has been a tough road but hand in there, you are almost at the end of it.

  Patt Mikkelsen wrote @

Aloha Michael~~

Sooooooo If I counted off correctly, You will be ready to party hearty on New Year’s Eve.

2012 will go out like an old shoe and the new you will be fresh as the New Years baby!

Keep looking for the good news, I’m posting you a picture on your email of my new flower!

Love you,

  tom of glasgow wrote @

Hey Mike, great to see you last week. You looked great and you have that great spirit for life!! Looks like you’ll be home free by years end and hope to see you the following luncheon. If I don’t see you all the best to you and Susan for the holidays!!

  Doug wrote @

Hi Mike, I have to agree with Al H….this sounds like all good news and can focus on putting 2012 behind you with much living it up in 2013 and beyond! Hang in there…we are all rooting for you!

  Liz wrote @

YOU are amazing in so many ways. Your attitude and your body are both poised for maximum success… an outstanding outcome for an outstanding man. Now if you’d just share your secrets with Jeff-kitty, please….

Big hugs, Liz

  John Tuttle wrote @

It’s a long journey, but one day will be a distant memory. We’re all learning from you. Keep up the good work!

  Christine wrote @

jWell all in all everything sounds like you are really back in the game and soo glad you took such good care of yourself the last several years. Well fellow Sag this birthday should be a REAL celebration. You Pal .Chris

  Wayne Ritchie wrote @

Okay, so I’d think of this as your Victory Lap.
You’ve run the race.
You’ve won it.
But now, despite your exhaustion/euphoria, you’re gonna go ’round the track just once more to make certain every last one of those nasty cells knows they’re beaten! Defeated!!

  Bridget Cerny wrote @

Good news bad news indeed. But leaning on the side of good news, good news! This will all soon be over thank goodness. Love your joke – Milan will appreciate that one!

  Carole H. wrote @

You are still in our thoughts and prayers. Keep up the good work. We’re on your team and pulling for you.

  Greg LaRue wrote @

Hi Mike,
What a great report. Thanks for sharing your ordeal and for your positive spirit, and congratulations on your good results.

  Cynde wrote @

Great news on all fronts. Better that they do the Chemo again than take a risk of mssing something. And since you tolerated it so well the first time I am sure you will again. You are amazing!!!! My thoughts and prayers will be with you.

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