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Oh, now you tell me!

Nurse Susan and I met with my oncologist on Tuesday, 11/27, and we asked him why the last chemo cycle (3 days) was SO HARD compared to the previous two (6 days each) that I tolerated so well. We figured fewer days meant fewer side effects. Not so (as we now know only too well).  It turns out that with concurrent radiation, my chemo drugs (cisplatin, aka “Mr. Nasty” and etoposide) are administered over a longer window of time.  On their own, the full punch is packed into 3 days.  Oh.  Moving on to question 2 then: what the hell can we do about the negative impact????!!!!  More meds! I have been taking meds for a week to prepare my body for the next onslaught of toxic chemicals on Monday, 12/3. Hopefully, these medical jewels will work wonders and I can sail right thru it — then, Nurse Susan and I can be on our way in life.

A side note here:  This month we had to wish our cat, Jeff, a good journey as he headed off to become an angel cat. We lost him much too early, but we sure enjoyed the last 8 years with this guy.  He greeted us at the door. He responded to a whistle. He left his toys as gifts at our bedroom door. We will miss him.

Have a fun week everyone, and thanks once again (and again) for your kind thoughts, prayers and support.



  Bridget Cerny wrote @

So sorry to hear about Jeff. I’m sure you will miss him lots. Best of luck for the next chemo round. Not long now and you WILL be on your way in life! We’ll be thinking of you.. Much love

  Ray Zenoni wrote @

I was very sorry to hear about Jeff. Our pets become part of our family and losing them is very difficult.

I have my fingers crossed that the next round of chemo will be a lot kinder to you.

  Sandy wrote @

Been thinking about you…and about this upcoming week…and hoping it isn’t anything as bad as before–that it is a BREEZE and you can sail thru it w/ease. I’m so sorry about Jeffie–such a special little guy–such a loss. But he’s probably by now met my little Lily who also left early at 9 years old. Same mode of transport. Be well my friend. If my hope could act, it would carry you thru this last round painlessly. Take care, Mike. Love to you and the missus and little Libby. -s

  tom of glasgow wrote @

Sometimes losing a family member pet is more difficult than our human counterparts which I can attest to. So sorry to hear but I am sure he’ll live forever in your hearts. We
are all rooting for the home team on this LAST round of toxic hi-balls and sounds like your body is well prepared.
All the best to you both, hoping you slide right into the holidays all peachy and relaxed.

  John Tuttle wrote @

You sound like your old self! So glad you’ve turned this corner. Hopefully the treatment this week will be the last. I’m not quite ready for the trip around the reservoir yet, but I CAN do the parking lot to the picnic tables…

  Christine wrote @

Hi Mike and Susan sounds like you are mentally prepared for the last round. Take care and just remember by your birthday all will be well and you’ll be ready for a big piece of cake!! xoxoxo Chris

  Iris hit-Shagir wrote @

I am so sorry to hear about the cat
I hope nurse Susan is ok.
And to you Michael, I want to wish so many things like be strong and happy and health but above all I want to wish all of us to be like you… To be able to bring a smile to people’s face even during the hardest times.
Hang in there and hug wonderful Susan for me.

  Bill wrote @

Hi Mike:
Sorry to hear about Jeff’s passing. Losing our 4-legged family members is really difficult.
Best wishes for a discomfort-free, easy LAST treatment cycle and a good holiday season

  Al H. wrote @

So sorry to hear about Jeff. I know what a hole that leaves in your lives.Hope the next round goes better for you. We are still keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.
Al & Carole

  Debbi (from CT) wrote @

Hi Susan and Mike
I wanted to send you a little note and say hello. I’m happy to hear that as of today your done with your treatments. Yahoo!! I pray that you have a quick recovery and your on your way to getting stronger.
Hugs from the East Coast

  Ray W wrote @

o.k. Mike… Let’s get it done and enjoy the Holidays!!!

  Cynde Ellis wrote @


Well isn’ t that always the way things go? You never get the whole picture!!! They probably figure what you don’t know won’t scare you. I sure hope all the meds will help you get through this last round. Just keep that wonderful positive attitude and you will get through this last hurdle. Sorry to hear about your kitty Jeff. It is always hard to lose a pet and one that has been with you for along time is even harder. You take care of yourself and and I will keep you in my prayers.

  Sheri Russell wrote @

my good ness nothing like letting you know after the fact. bad very bad. So sorry about Jeff I know it’s still fresh with me for the beast. I cleaned a room yesterday that I found his nails and his play toy every where. I miss him every single day. Jan 5th am going to the human society and am getting me 2 kitties . I can’t wait . you are both in my thoughts always . Love you Go Giants.!!!!!!!!

  Cathy Carter wrote @

Sorry to hear about Jeff. I know he was a big part of your family. Still praying for you and for both of you to have the faith and strength to get through this. You will! Love and blessings, Cathy

  Al H. wrote @

Hi Mike and Nurse Susan–So sorry about Jeff. It’s always tough to lose a beloved pet. And you, my friend. I hope this regimen has gone better than the last. Wouldn’t it be a great blessing to be feeling good at Christmas. As always, we’re sending our best wishes and most positive energy your way.

Take Care, Al and Carole

  mavis wall wrote @

How do you get through rough and tough times?
A. Resilience
B. Sense of humor
C. Trust that you loved
D. All of the above

D of course.
You are always on our minds and an inspiration.

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