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Recovery Take Two

Today is my birthday and I am feeling good.  So good, in fact, that I am getting ready to head into S.F. to see The Nutcracker with Nurse Susan.  It is an annual tradition for us; one I thought might have to be cancelled.  It’s our first “date night” in months and both of us are REALLY looking forward to it.

So what’s been happening?  I sent an email reply to many of you on Thursday Dec 6 following my LAST! day of chemo. I said I was doing well, and I was. Truly. At least I thought I was. Things turned iffy that Friday, and by Saturday  food, water, and meds were challenging.  By Sunday last week, all bets were off.  We knew that because I fainted, hit the wall, slid to the floor, and gave Nurse Susan a bit of a scare as she tried to bring me back to “this” world.  We spent Sunday night in ER; diagnosis: severe dehydration.  I spent much of last week getting fluids my least favorite way — sitting in a chair at Kaiser with an IV pumping it in.  2 liters on Sunday. 2 liters on Monday. 2 liters on Tuesday.

Last Wednesday evening I started to turn a corner.  I’m still getting “insurance” hydration (got 2 bags yesterday and have a couple of sessions lined up for next week).  Whew!  I am feeling much better.

Thank you once again for your prayers, your friendship, and your support.  I try to send a note in response to the comments you post, but I think I may have missed a few.  If I missed yours, my apologies!

I am now CANCER FREE and I feel blessed to have friends and family such as yourselves.  Have a fun week!


  Bill wrote @

Hi Mike:

Wow! What a scare. Glad things are getting better. Hope you have fun at the cracker tonight. Is it getting to be time for an adult beverage and a toast to the cessations of treatments and the banishment of the big C? Stay well.


  Ray W wrote @

Glad to hear the good news… enjoy the Holidays!!! We will be thinking of you and Susan and wishing you the best for the New Year…

  Doug wrote @

Woo Hoo! Cancer-free!! How sweet it must be to declare the excellent news! And happiest birthday to you!!

  Chris wrote @

Happy Birthday birthday buddy!!! I love the Nutcracker have a bll and groove on!!!!!!!!! Chris

  Chris wrote @

Have a Ball !!

  Sandy wrote @

HAPPY BIRTH…DAY Mike. A new beginning, a second birth day. I’m So glad you’re feeling better. We’ll need to celebrate cancer freedom when you’re ready. For now, we’ll celebrate feeling well. I look forward seeing you soon, seeing you well! Love, -s

  Joanne Hayner wrote @

So glad you are feeling better. What a wonderful way to spend you Birthday with your little trip into the city. So, listen to Santa as he is not saying Ho Ho Ho he is saying Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. Take good care of yourself and enjoy the Holidays.
Lots of Love from the Fresno Family

  tom of glasgow wrote @

So glad you got through this extra round of protection and I am sure it will pay off big time!! Enjoy the night out to the city for the Nut Cracker as you guys have done many times during the holidays!! Hope to see you soon at the next luncheon!

Merry Christmas!!

  Ray Zenoni wrote @


Glad you’ve made it through ths ordeal. Hope you and nurse Susan have a great date night.

  Fred Edamura wrote @

Great news, and on your birthday! – we are so glad for this answer to prayer.

  John Tuttle wrote @

Boy – this has been some journey. So pleased it’s finally come to an end, though!

  Al H. wrote @

Cancer free Yeah! It’s been a long hard climb. So glad it is over and successful. Happy holidays and many more.

  Sheri-Lee Russell wrote @

Happy birthday! I’m glad to hear you’re doing better and were feeling well enough to go to the Nutcracker! How scary!

  Margie Farber wrote @

Aha, you are now encountering the illness that is the direct result of getting treated for the original illness. Which means that your current treatment can once again trigger a new illness, which is then countered with meds and treatments, which then … you get it. I am sure you get it. And you are cancer free which was the desired outcome. Remember to keep that in mind! I myself have some recall of that loop you are in, and the way to get out of the loop? Call 911 and ask them to take you OUT OF THE HOSPITAL FOREVER. Hugs, Margie

  Cynde Ellis wrote @

So very happy to hear you are Cancer Free and are on the way back to feeling good. Happy Belated Birthday!!! Hope you had a wonderful outing in San Framcisco and enjoyed the Nutcracker.

Mike and Susan, You are both just such wonderful inspirations to us all. You have shown us all you can accomplish even the hardest things with Grace and Humor. I am praying that you both have a Very Merry Christmas and a Blessed, Happy and Healthy New Year!!! God bless you both!!!

  Cathy Carter wrote @

What a blessing! It is so wonderful to hear such great news. God is so good. Continuing to pray for you and Happy New Year to both of you. Love and blessings for a wonderful 2013. You both are an inspiration. Thank you.

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