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Good CT-scan

On Wednesday, April 17, I  had my first CT-scan since completing my cancer treatment in December. I am happy to report that the scan was good and shows no evidence of disease. This is great news and I am one happy camper. (A certain Nurse Susan is quite happy as well!) I will be getting regular CT-scans every 6 months for 2 years then once every year for the rest of my life.



  Jan wrote @

What fabulous — absolutely fabulous– news!!! That calls for a celebration! When and where? I’ll give you a call!

Cheers, Jan & Jim

  Ray W wrote @

Great News Mike!!! Congratulations… take nurse Susan out and CELEBRATE!!!

  s wrote @

A long sigh of relief…another in the long list of relief sighs we have breathed in the past year…and expect to be breathing for Years to come…
Should we make another attempt at a Celebratory Danko date?

  Sheri-Lee Russell wrote @

Awesome!!! That is very good news!!! April 17th is a very good day. It was my ma’s birthday.

  Christine v wrote @

Mike sooo glad to hear you are doing so well. Looks like a great summer for you two, Christine

  Mary Jo wrote @

Oh what wonderful news! Keep in touch and let’s try for a get-together soon!
Love you both,

  Sheri Russell wrote @

Am so very happy to hear this fantastic news. Are you ready for some baseball !!! Am so happy for you . And for Susan .

  Doug wrote @

This is truly wonderful news….we are so thrilled for you two!!!

  bridget cerny wrote @

Wonderfully fabulous news Michael and Susan. Well done!!
Much love from us.

  TomfromGlasgow wrote @

Great News Mike and Nurse Susan!!! Let’s keep those clean scans comin’ !! I will try to make the lunches coming up as I have missed that last few…


  Linda g wrote @

Couldn’t be nicer news on April 23. 30 years ago was Les and my wedding. I can see from all the posts that you go out with lots of folks. And I thought I was the only one!!! Relax and bask in the news!!

  Scott wrote @

Very good news, Michael! Wayne and I are both excited to hear.

  Cynde E. wrote @

Mike, Wonderful news!!!! I am sure you are breathing easier now. So nice to hear some good news these days. I hope you and Susan have many, many more happy and healthy days together. God bless you both. Keep in touch.

  Wayne wrote @

Fabulous, Mike and Nurse Susan!!
This comes as great news just as two other friends start treatment plans after receiving “the diagnosis”, and comes just in time to be wonderful inspiration for them as to what can be accomplished. Bravo, bravo!!!

  Ray Zenoni wrote @

This is FANTASTIC news! Sounds like a celebration is in order. — Ray

  Danette Mulrine wrote @

what terrific news! so good to hear.

  mavis wall wrote @

Yipee!!!! I love happy endings and you two sound like newlyweds — lovie dovie! Good things DO happen to good people!

  Shawn wrote @

Great news – now for a long happy summer xx

  Regina wrote @

This is great news! Everyone at Dr. Robinson’s office is so happy for you!

  Cathy Carter wrote @

Excellent news and what a blessing! I hope you both enjoy your vacation.

  Vicki Mitchell wrote @

Stellar news! Perseid meteor shower all over again.

  Emily Walsh wrote @

Hi Mike! I just got reading through a few of your posts and I had a quick question. I am involved in the cancer community and was hoping you could email me back when you get the chance. Thanks! – emilywalsh688(at)

Emmy wrote @

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