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How Do You Like My Tattoo?

Today I had CT Scan mapping in order to get me all set-up to be bombarded by radiation. In order to limit the deaths of surrounding civilians, and ensure the bombing focuses primarily on the bad guys, tattoos are used to help ensure the radiation hits the same spots every time.  “Wow!”  I thought. “This is cool! A tattoo!”  So, I asked the technician if she could do this one for me:

Hey Sailor, gonna be in port long?

She said, “I really don’t think that would be appropriate.  All we need are some tiny blue dots.”  So I said, “But can’t you  just aim for her navel? Or maybe the star on her left…lung?” “Sorry sailor,” she said, “three wee blue dots only. Doktor’s orders!”

Bombing commences on Wednesday, 18 July 2012 at 1400 hours.


  Susan wrote @

I read your post and I thought, “Wow! The radiation technician could be MY NEW BEST FRIEND … FOREVER! (if she sticks to her guns).
You ROCK Mason!!! Keep it up.
xoxoxo — Mrs. Mike

  Bridget Cerny wrote @

That’s so funny Michael!! When I had my tattoos, I asked for little roses. Maybe we should send a petition around asking for something more interesting than a dot! Good luck! Much love – Bridget

  Bridget Cerny wrote @

That’s so funny Michael. When I had mine, I asked for little roses. I think we should send a petition asking for something more interesting than a dot! Good luck. Much love – Bridget

  Janice Worrall wrote @

What a babe…I know an award winning tattoo artist
that could put her on ya! The heck with that technician! If you get really bored while resting check out 8 Sins Tattoo in Columbia SC…my son- in- law, Andy is co-owner and they do some wild and “out there” stuff…love and thinking about you each day, Janice

  Joanne Hayner wrote @

Are the blue? My little tattoo’s are blue. Gee Mikie we will all have matching dot’s. That would make one heck of a connect the dot game.

  mavis wall wrote @

One question: Does Susan know about this tattoo?

  Bridget Cerny wrote @

Uhoh! I must have hit post twice!!

  Tom of Glasgow wrote @

May the bombing begin….oh shoot was the mic still on!!!

  Mary Jo wrote @

She certainly attractive but maybe a bit too large in certain areas to be sure the target is hit!! Keep smiling! Love you lots, MJ

  Jan wrote @

Hey Mike! You know how to pick ’em! She’s a beaut! And red is your color!

Hugs, Jan

  Margie wrote @

I suggest that you and Susan get complementary tattoos. I have gotten my eyebrows and eyeliner tattoo’d on, and with this duo approach, you could be together with tatttoos forever. And when you are in a retirement village and yours and her tattoos are hanging down around your knees, you would be very sympathetic with each other. Others might laugh. Not you two. xo

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