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Will I say good-bye to those pesky nose hairs?

I start chemotherapy tomorrow. I will begin a  regimen of being infused with two over-the-top nasty drugs: cisplatin and etoposide. Cisplatin was first described by an Italian chemist Michelle Peyrone in 1845. Then  known as Peyrone’s salt, today it is sometimes referred to as the “penicillin of cancer.”  Wow! Who knew? I thought I would be given some leading edge chemical just discovered in the past 10-15 years!  The more mundane drug, Etoposide is derived from a toxin found in the American Mayapple.  Both drugs will be attacking fast growing cells like, er… cancer cells.  Unfortunately these drugs aren’t smart enough to know the difference between the bad guys and the good guys. So, unless I am very lucky, they are very likely going to kill my fast growing hair follicles, as well. So I am going to maintain a positive attitude and hope that only cancer cells  and those pesky little nose hairs will be destroyed.

Advanced case of fuzzy nose syndrome.


  Wayne Ritchie wrote @

Hey! If you find the antidote to nose hairs, I might be in the market too. Fingers crossed and prayers being said for smooth sailing with the regimen, sailor!

  Bridget Cerny wrote @

Didn’t know you had nose hairs that long! Good job I didn’t have my reading glasses on whenever we visited! Good luck Michael.

  Bill Vencill wrote @

Hi Mikey. I was thinking of you today, wondering how you were doing. Good job with the PMA. I understand that women like men who are bald, so Susan better watch out – if you lose your hair, they’ll be flinging themselves at you. Hang in there – it should all be good..

  mavis wall wrote @

Fascinating! About the drugs that is.

I’m glad you’re FINALLY doing something about those pesky nose hairs. They’ve been bothering me for some time now but just didn’t know how to tell you 🙂

We’ll say a prayer for you and good luck tomorrow!

  Cynde Elis wrote @


So now you are into tatoos??? Who knew?? I am sure you will sail through this with flying colors. Keep the faith and that great attitude. i’m praying for you!!

  tom of glasgow wrote @

Oh and don’t forget the equally pesky ear hairs Mike…we’ll be rooting for ya… 😉

  Ray W wrote @

Mike, too many lunches at The Wall will also kills off fast growing cells… You have a head start… Go get ’em….

  Ray Z wrote @

Hum….the nose hairs in the pic are pretty impressive. And what if they actually grow longer? I’m thinking it could be could be start of a new fashion trend, “the nose broom”.

Thinking about you and hope the treatments go well.

  Jan wrote @

Good pix of you in nose hair mode. Funny I don’t remember them quite THAT long — but leave it to you to keep the humor! We will be keeping you in prayer for a good day today (as I just read your post)!!

I may put out all of my nose hair in empathy — just wait til you see how foxy my nose will be : – )

Hugs, Jan

  Mrs. Mike wrote @

No more nose hairs? I guess there are pros and cons to everything in life. Who knew your chemo treatments came with benefits.

You are doing great Mr. Mike. Keep it up!!! xoxoxo

  Al H wrote @

Hey Mike

Don’t be dissing those nose hairs. It’s all part of the “Law of Compensation”. Men lose hair on the top of the head but we are adequately compensated by growing equal amounts of hair in our noses, ears and on our backs. You can’t say mother nature doesn’t have a sense of humor. I hope all went well today.


  Joanne Hayner wrote @

Oh Mr. Mason you can always make me smile. I do hope today went well and all the days ahead. Once it is all over it will be party time. With all the family you now have down here there is bound to a reason for a party. Plus, Lucy likes to sit on Uncle Michael’s lap. xxo

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