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Chemo Is Going Well

I finished 5 days of chemo on Friday, July 20. Chemo-week started off with a  long 6 hour day and my first infusion of Cisplatin. Thanks to the wonders of medicine, I also received an infusion of Emend; a drug that does a great job of preventing nausea and vomiting: I haven’t experienced any at all since starting chemo and I am one happy camper about that. The other 4 days were short 2-hour sessions to receive an infusion of Etoposide.  Radiation started this week as well, on Wednesday.  This seems like a piece of cake compared to chemo, but the radiation bombardment continues for 5 weeks. Tomorrow, July 23, I finish up Cycle 1 of Chemo with another 6 hour day of Cisplatin, then I am “off” to “percolate” for about 3 weeks while these toxic chemicals work their magic. So far, I am feeling OK. My appetite is good and I am walking 2 miles or more everyday.  I feel a bit more tired toward the end of the day, but overall, pretty good. The medical team claims that side effects are cumulative so they may kick in over the next week or two. But, hey, in the mean time — so far, so good.

P.S.  I still have ALL of my hair, including those pesky ones.  Donna, one of my chemo nurses, has advised me of a basic principle of chemotherapy, that is: you only lose the hair you want to keep.  I think the nose hairs are here to stay.


  Doug wrote @

What? You get to keep your nose
hairs? Congrats on a good first week! That is very encouraging!

  Sandy wrote @

Well, Mike, I must say, one of your finest features is your nose hairs…so I would do what I could to enhance their beauty and keep them as long as possible!! to speak…
…on a more serious note: I am glad you’re doing so well w/all this newfangled intrusion into your otherwise peaceful perfect life. May all of that stuff be gone soon! Love, -s

  Al H wrote @

Hey Michael, Sounds like week one went well. You’ve got those cancer cells on the run already. Just remember to stay away from anyone who even has the sniffles because your resistance is going to drop. I’m just wondering, if you do lose your hair if it will come back in curly?? Michael with an afto–Yeah.

  Cynde Elis wrote @

So glad to hear your first week went well. Keep up the great work and that great spirit!!!!

  Fred Edamura wrote @

Glad to hear the great report. Will continue to pray for you.

  tom of glasgow wrote @

That’s great news Mike!! When you’re done with those cocktails you gotta go to the Grass Skirt for those great Coconut Shrimps you told me about!! They were Excellent!!

  mavis wall wrote @

Was wondering how your first week was going. Glad to hear you’re weathering it well but not at all surprised. Your positive attitude and healthy lifestyle are your best medicine.

  Sheri-Lee Russell wrote @

Glad your first week went well! One week down!

  sheri Russell wrote @

if I may I have a Story to tell you about . I can’t remember if susan and I ever told you or not. Any ways when I was 16 years old I got what I told was the flu . sick to my stomoch the I got a pain in my right side. “Well my mother needed advice so who else would she ask but her baby sister . Aunt Mauren always knew who to call. So my Dad took me to Aunt Maureen’s house and as soon as I got there Susan was asking me question and then she got out the encyopiedia and started reading symptons to me and lo and behold it was my appentixs . So susan started her medical advice services when she was in her teens. So Michael dear you are in good hands. With that being said She will take very good care of you . You Lucky person. Love you think of you both always

  Bridget Cerny wrote @

You can always glue your nose hairs onto your head if necessary! Aloha from Milan and I on the Big Island. Thinking of you and Susan. Much love

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