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Still Doing Well

I am in day 13 of my treatment and lucky for me I have experienced very few side-effects. I have ALL my hair (head-wise, nose-wise, ear-wise, and other-wise). The oncology nurse assures me that it often doesn’t fall out until 15 days after chemo starts. So, Tuesday is the target hair day; I’ll keep you (and my barber, Carl, posted).  I walk at least 2 miles every day, and I still take out the garbage (a sign I read that you are a survivor).  I have wacky taste buds, some reduced appetite and tiredness toward the end of the day.  Some foods that I previously liked now have either no taste or a funny taste. Salsa smells kind of bad and I can barely taste it. I blame the cilantro. But a BLT?  Bring it on!  They taste great!  Smells can get to me too. I walked by a CVS pharmacy and gagged when I caught a whiff of perfume. Now I understand why the Kaiser oncology department has signs posted telling people not not wear any fragrances in the chemo infusion area.  For the next two weeks it is radiation only, eating right, getting rest, continuing to exercise, and working at rebuilding my cells.  All in all, things are pretty good.

Have a great week everybody and thank you all for your prayers, cards, jokes, and support!



  Heather wrote @

All of us at the Leineweber / Frazer / Robison household are thinking good thoughts for you 🙂

  mavis wall wrote @

With your favorable update, I WILL have a great week. Think of you often and continue to pray for you and Susan.

  Sandy wrote @

Phew!!!!!!!!!!! Doing a great job w/this non-invitational marathon, Mike! -s

  Danette Mulrine wrote @

so glad to hear that you are holding steady and enjoying those BLTs! Sending lots of positive energy your way. danette

  Mary Jo wrote @

I LOVE to read your updates. Keep
’em coming. I’m thinking the good thoughts and hope you feel them from Los Altos!

  tom of glasgow wrote @

Keep up the good fight…i hope those coconut shrimps taste even better!!!

  Wayne Ritchie wrote @

Bravo, man! You’re hanging in there tough. Nose hair (and as much else as possible) forever! Will take fragrances off my holiday list for you.

  val wrote @

Very happy your happy! Chemo just another thing you have to cross off your “I’ve conquered it” list! Sounds like your doing it superman status 🙂 Hey if bacon works then bacon it is!

  Cynde Elis wrote @

Great to hear you are getting through this so well. Keep up the positive attitude and enjoy the BLT’s!!!!!! You always amaze me!!!!

  Jan wrote @

I feel a BLT delivery coming on. When is lunch? Would noon work..2 one 3 — sandwiches that is! Is Susan BLTing too. I can be there today!

Hugs, Jan

  Ray Z wrote @

Great news! And still waking 2 miles a day – better than I am doing these days. I’m hoping that those nose hairs keep hanging out with you.

Hum BTLs…. Check out this BLT recipe on if you like Fried Green Tomatoes with that BLT, although not sure it qualifies for the healthy eating category…

  Carole H wrote @

We are so glad to see you handling “the new normal” so well with your sense of humor, great attitude and strong support system in tact. We are proud to be part of your support team. Keep up the good work. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Al & Carole H.

  Margie wrote @

Michael, I wonder if you are maybe pregnant? There could be a BIG mixup going on here. Go get one of those take-home tests and check it out. Hugs.

  sheri Russell wrote @

Hey cousin Michael
am so glad things are going well, keep up the updates please and am trying to think of more stories to tell you that we haven’t told you already. I have a few surprises for you coming your way . you take care and keep those sprits high . ? do you still like Ice Cram ? love you and Susan . cousin sheri

  Doug wrote @

Hey Michael…love your updates and your amazing spirits! I think you now know what cilantro really taste like! We are thinking of you lots these days…knowing you are going to beat this thing!


  John Tuttle wrote @

Sounds like you’re doing everything right – you’re a role model! Don’t forget lots of water… We think about you all the time and visualize the best! Thanks for keeping us posted!

  Tim wrote @

I’ve been considering the “peskky nose hair problem”. It seems to me to be a problem only if the nose hairs fall out, then it becomes a booger retention problem. Without the peskiness of the nose hairs to hold the boogers in place they would simplly fall out and cause an unsightly mess and embarrassment. Since you wear glasses this is easily solved with the introduction of the “Booger Bucket”. The device, about the size of a thimble, is suspended from the nose piece of the glasses and postioned just below the nostrils. Any escaping detrius falls into the “Booger Bucket” and embarrassment is a thing of the past. Be sure and empty the bucket as needed.

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